I blame Arsene Wenger.

I blame him for the loss to Swansea and Bradford

I blame him for the wins against West Bromich Albion and Reading

I blame him for the signing of Park, Squillaci and Chamakh

I blame him for the signings of Arteta, Carzola, and Mertesacker

So, my point?

Until the Swansea game I found myself a defender of Arsene Wenger and blamed the board for everything that was wrong with Arsenal. When in fact the board are to be blamed and thanked for one thing. Leaving Arsene Wenger to do as he see fit when he sees fit to do it.

I realised that I couldn’t attack the board for signing bad players if I didn’t thank them for signing the good ones. I could blame them for Arsene Wenger for not spending money but when I looked Ivan Gazidis in the eyes in person and he said without a hint of a lie that Arsene Wenger has money to spend. I have changed my mind. It’s aloud.

He has made a number of tactical errors, he has made some errors with signings and ultimately he has made errors sticking with players that aren’t good enough in the hope they will come good. The problem is once he made the first mistake of signing the player everything comes from there.

Due to our utopian wage structure, where everyone is paid in perfect harmony, for every player we have in the squad that is a player less from our wage budget and a squad number less. Forget the transfer funds, they really don’t matter but as long as we have players like Arshavin, Chamakh, Abu Diaby or Gervinho in the squad who earn between 50k-80k you cannot sign a new player until one of them goes. 50-80k will get you a top class European player, another Santi Cazorla or any player from the Schalke team who all earn that or less. Now that we have the players who aren’t good enough as long as we can’t get rid of them we are left with poor players on the pitch or what is actually happening is poor players on the bench (or left at home). So the good players get played into the ground and we end up losing/drawing games against poor quality opposition who are more willing to run than we are.

Arsene is a great manager there is no doubt of that but even great men make mistakes, because they are men and men make mistakes (women however are always faultless). The great ones just make them less often. Arsene is making a lot of mistakes at the moment but he was probably due a few. In my eyes his quota of mistakes has almost run out for him to maintain his greatness and he obviously lost the following of many Arsenal fans over the past few years.

Where we are now is that Arsene has to except the blame, which I believe he does, for every footballing mistake that is made. He does not control the price of Fish and Chips in the Emirates but he does control the price we pay for players and the wages we offer them.

If we lose Theo Arsene will be to blame, not the board, not Steve bould and not Theo Walcott. If Theo can get a pay rise by moving then good luck to him, who wouldn’t move for 50% more money?

Theo Said tonight that these things take a long time and he gave Jack Wilshere, who was stood next to him at the time, as an example as another person who has taken a long time with his contract negotiations. While I don’t pretend to know when Jacks negotiations started it certainly seems that Jack, Koscielny, Vermalean, Jenkinson and the rest have all done their business with contracts much quicker. While I don’t begrudge Theo wanting more money I would prefer everyone to be honest and just say “he wants more money but we won’t give it to him” OR “I think I can get more money with a different employer so I will hold out, hope you understand” and I would understand, I wouldn’t like it but I would understand, I also know it won’t be said so I just move on and when it happens then so be it.

Right now all I care about is the players who play for Arsenal today and today those players did a fine job taking apart, if we’re honest, a TERRIBLE Reading team.

I liked that Arsene choose a team to play at a faster tempo against Reading rather than the slower forward line of recent times. I don’t just mean pace of running I also mean pace of passing and releasing the ball. Gervinho holds on to the ball too long and usually loses possession, Giroud is quick in the pass but isn’t fast enough to drop deep AND make the runs behind the defence for counter attacks, Aaron Ramsey… well you know.

What we got from Podolski, Theo and The Ox was pace and quick thinking and it worked. It reminded us all of the Arsenal of old and we loved it. I’d like to see him take a risk against a better team and play the same 11 men against Wigan this Saturday.

For now I will continue to blame Arsene Wenger whenever it goes well and when ever it goes badly because as he says himself. He is completely to blame.

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